Our History


- 1834

Mount Comfort Church, Inc., one of the oldest churches in Greene County, Missouri, was first organized in the year 1834 in a brush arbor as a Cumberland Presbyterian congregation. There were 21 charter members.

- 1866

The new church group met regularly once each month in the homes of the members until the erection of a log church edifice in 1837, becoming known as Kickapoo Church. In 1866, a frame building was dedicated and the name changed to Mount Comfort, for Mount Comfort, Kentucky, which was the birthplace of many of the pioneer members.

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A new frame church was built in 1858, and the present church sanctuary was built in 1925.

- 1954

Mount Comfort Church enjoyed God’s blessing of growth and prosperity as a part of the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination until 1954, at which time the membership of the church voted to become independent of that denomination.

- Present

Today, those who gather at Mount Comfort value and appreciate the church’s rich history and influence within the local community, but our past, present, and future belong to the Lord. God deserves all the praise for every good thing that has come since this church’s foundation. The true foundation of this church has always been Christ (1 Corinthians 3:11), and our present focus remains on the future hope set before us. (Hebrews 6:18-20)